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Here is a question of choosing a profession. This issue is very important, because we all want to be in demand in the future in the labor market, significant, successful in life, get a decent salary. It is not wrong? How to sort out the world of professions?
            We invite you to take advantage of career counseling Primer: 7 Steps to a balanced decision.
A. Make a list of suitable jobs for you. Write down all the profession that you like and interesting. At this stage of selection is necessary to make possible a wide range of occupations that match our interests. The list, think about why these professions it made than is justified. For example, you chose the profession of psychologist, arguing that the expert helps people learn and develop their abilities. Then we can propose to consider the profession as a coach in sports, music or art teacher in special education, which also correspond to the motif of "helping people to develop their abilities."
Two. Make a description of your future profession, as you see it. Try to compile a list of requirements for the chosen profession of the plan:
· Choice of profession and occupation of the future;
· Choice of profession and life values;
· Choice of profession and life goals;
· Select your profession and today's problems;
· Choice of profession and employment in the specialty real;
· Desired level of training;
· Choice of profession and your inclinations and abilities;
· Desirable content, nature and conditions of work.
Chosen profession can get a brand new shades, if you choose to test criteria such as compliance with chosen profession in life values ​​and goals, the demand for experts in the profession in the labor market. Need to examine in detail the situation in the labor market in your area. Each of the selected specialties, check in terms of labor market demand. Whether this demand professionals specializing in the labor market? Are there any employment opportunities on the initial position, what are the opportunities for advancement, what level of wages at each stage of your career. What is the average need for a natural career? What additional knowledge and skills necessary to obtain and develop to ensure a professional career?
Three. Find out how all of these requirements are significant to you that in a future profession for you to be the most important.
Determine the importance of each requirement. Perhaps equally important is the requirement that, by and large, and can not be ignored.
4. Evaluate your compliance with each of the appropriate professions.
In addition to those requirements that you have a profession, there are also requirements of the profession itself to man. Analyze whether you have developed professional qualities, whether meeting the intellectual ability, psychological characteristics, health status professiogram requirements, standardized job descriptions.
Five. Calculate and analyze the results.
Think about what kind of work from the whole list of other more suitable to you on all counts.
6. Check the results.
To verify the correctness of thought, discuss their decision with their parents, friends, teachers, psychologist, vocational counselor.
7. Thus, the decision is made, is now necessary to identify key action steps to success.
It is important to determine which school you will be able to receive vocational training, how to develop a professional qualities, how can I get practical experience in the competitiveness of other applicants.
· Do not delay "for later", write a program for the development of professionally important qualities, look for opportunities to gain practical experience in this specialty. The earlier a person starts to act, then the higher its "price" as a professional and competitive in the labor market.
· Collect information about all the schools where you can get the desired profession. Examine the conditions of admission, the cost of training. Check out reviews of the quality of education and training, and you are interested in educational institutions, as well as reviews of graduates and employers. This is especially important for young professionals with no experience. Believe me, a serious approach to the choice of school is a cornerstone in the building of a future professional.
Algorithm for skills and abilities, interests and inclinations, which will help contribute to the success CAREER, EDUCATION AND WORK
· Get ​​information about careers of interest to job content, working conditions, requirements, requirements for trades people, the prospects of jobs.
· Visit the workplace, talk with experts who work on interesting profession.
· Find out in public schools and under what conditions you can get interested in the specialty.
· Find out employment opportunities.
· Analyze the collected information, talk with a specialist vocational counselor.
· "Without struggle and failure is not given anything in the world" - Yakub Kolas.
· Choosing a school, learn all about the schools where you can get the selected specialty.
· Make sure that sootvetstvuesh requirements for coming.
· Know the conditions of admission, duration of training, core subjects are studied, which is given at the end of qualifications.
· In preparation for the entry, keep in stock a few options.
· Try not to succumb to the entreaties of the parents will certainly be a lawyer or doctor. You can be the most unlucky lawyer in the world.
· Think about what would you like to do it. Be sure to ponder over how to realize his dream. Do not stop thinking: "I'll be a businessman, I will have a cell phone and" Mercedes "!
· Do not try to come back to where they want to do your friends. Believe me, you'll find new friends, the more that you will do what is interesting.
· Find out more about the profession you choose what you want. If the opportunity to visit the place where as you imply, you have to work later, talk with people who are already engaged in this business.
· Be aware that a decision can not be absolute, and that at any time in your life changes may occur.
· Try to test the educational psychologist at the school. Tests can help choose the right direction.
· Try not to be mistaken about its features. More aware of their real strength, than to fall from a height, which is planned, but not mastered.
· Do not give a sense of fear - this is a normal condition that all people have a choice.
· Sometimes it is useful to begin his career with the practice rather than theory. For example, many successful doctors began working nurses or nurse.
· Try to pay particular attention to those items that are required for admission to the chosen institution.
· Do not put off till tomorrow what you can learn today. Try to learn everything: how come, how learn how arranged to work after graduation. This will help give the impression of what to do next.
· Try to participate in extracurricular activities - it will help you learn how to communicate and how to behave in a team.
The choice of profession - an important and responsible job! By choosing a profession, we must consider, first of all, the interests of the child's aptitude, ability, desire and only then, family traditions and interests.
A. Give your child the right to choose their future profession.
Two. Discuss with them possible "for" and "against" his chosen profession.
Three. Consider the choice of future profession, not only from the standpoint of material gain, but from a position of moral satisfaction.
4. Consider the choice of future profession your child's personal qualities as are necessary in this field.
Five. If there are differences in the choice of a profession, use the opportunity to consult with specialists.
6. Do not force the child to choose a profession, or it may result in persistent conflict.
7. Keep your child if he has the patience and the desire to be a dream come true.
Eight. If your child made a mistake in the choice, do not reproach him for it. A mistake can be corrected.
9. If your child early became interested in a profession, give him the opportunity to maintain this interest by means of literature studies in the clubs, etc.
10. Remember that children adopt a profession related to the traditions of their parents.

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