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2. It is difficult to count all versions of the equipment, which people create to themselves in the help. Without our metal assistants to us not to manage in any way, after all the nature to us didn't give so much strength to perform all that work which we are compelled to do. One of the most useful cars can call a tractor. And the person who operates it and repairs, the tractor operator is called. It not simply the driver of a tractor, it also operates its working mechanisms to carry out the huge list of operations, replacing only the tool.
            The tractor operator-driver of agricultural production independently works at tractors of the main brands and the agricultural cars aggregated with these tractors, on combine, special harvesters and other agricultural cars. Professional knowledge and skills of the tractor operator-driver allow it to reveal and eliminate malfunctions in work of tractors, combines and agricultural cars, to make maintenance and to participate in all types of repair of served tractors, combines and agricultural cars.
            On the completion of study in lyceum pupils can be directed on work, both in the agricultural organizations, and on the enterprises of housing and communal services, the industry.
            On the completion of study in lyceum it is possible both skill level increase on production, and training at higher levels of professional education in the reduced terms in UO «Maryinogorsky state awards «Honour Sign» agrarian and technical college of a name of V.E.Lobank».

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